New research on challenges faced by charity trustees

3 May 2022

Charities Aid Foundation and chartered accountancy body ICAEW have partnered to publish research on the challenges facing charity trustees. The researchers interviewed trustees from local, national and international charities, including faith-based, educational, humanitarian, health, animal welfare, and women’s organisations.

The report outlines six key challenges for trustees:

1. Financial resilience – Diversifying funding is key.
2. Working together – Trustees can affect the collaboration within charities.
3. Diversity – Achieving diversity in all forms remains a challenge.
4. Support and training – Trustees need more coherent and centralised support.
5. Digital – Charities are at different stages in digitalisation.
6. Sustainability – Trustees want to do their bit towards sustainability.

Over the next three years, charity trustees intend to focus on achieving financial stability, growing sustainably, and increasing their influence and impact.

The report also makes recommendations for charity trustees as advisers and leaders of their organisations. These include broadening their networks, recruiting a greater diversity of trustees to the board to encourage new ideas, and accessing centralised training and support.