Yorkshire Funders achieved charitable status in November 2021 so that it became an official entity and could increase its activities and outcomes. This development was supported by several local funders who during a consultation confirmed they wanted the previously informal group to become a more active body.

Yorkshire Funders was formerly called the Yorkshire Funders Forum (YFF) and was run by a steering committee which was made up of employees and trustees from Yorkshire-based charitable trusts and foundations.

The principle activities were, and continue to be, facilitating and organising networking and learning events in the Yorkshire region, as well as ensuring that the region has a strong relationship with key national sector bodies and local infrastructure organisations which provide advice and support to charities, voluntary and community groups.

The YFF was formed in July 2019 following the integration of the Yorkshire Grant Makers Forum (set up in 1993) and the Yorkshire & Humber Funders Forum (established in the mid-2000s) which both existed for the same purposes as the YFF but as two separate entities.

The founder-trustees of Yorkshire Funders are the four YFF steering committee members who are featured below and thanks to support from the trustees of the Sir George Martin Trust – which gives grants in West Yorkshire – their Trust Manager, Carla Marshall, is the Co-ordinator for Yorkshire Funders. David Warner, former Director of London Funders is a Consultant for Yorkshire Funders.

Now that Yorkshire Funders is a registered charity, we will be working towards becoming the cross-sector membership network for funders and investors in Yorkshire’s civil society and communities.

Meet The Team

Tim Cutts Chair of Yorkshire Funders
Executive Secretary of Allen Lane Foundation
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Jan Garrill Trustee of Yorkshire Funders
Chief Executive of Two Ridings Community Foundation
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Carla Marshall Co-ordinator of Yorkshire Funders
Trust Manager at Sir George Martin Trust
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Stephen Robinson Trustee of Yorkshire Funders

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John Ward Trustee of Yorkshire Funders
Chair of Charles & Elsie Sykes Trust
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David Warner Consultant for Yorkshire Funders

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