Latest IVAR briefing report released

27 November 2020

IVAR’s 12th briefing report Complicated and Messy shares the experiences of 43 leaders participating in online peer support sessions between 15th October and 4th November, and IVAR’s reflections on the questions and opportunities for funders that they raise.

Three issues remain at the forefront of VCSE leaders’ minds:

  1. Protecting the welfare of their staff and of themselves
  2. Remaining mission-focused
  3. Balancing the need to plan with the imperative to remain highly flexible

In terms of support from funders, VCSE leaders’ needs remain much the same:

  1. Proportionate and relational funding practices
  2. Longer-term, core funding
  3. Realistic measures of ‘success’
  4. Recognise the contribution and diversity of the VCSE sector